Fountain Sessions Teaser 01 from UtaLevan on Vimeo.

interview series for Fountain Art Fair: Rachel Esterday

interviews by Jason Patrick Voegele

directing, camera, editing and original music by UTA LEVAN
Post production & VFX by Cristian Tonhaiser

sound by Alex Choonoo & Jessie R. Tendler

developed by Jason Patrick Voegele (Republic Worldwide) & Keith Schweitzer (MaNY Project)

special thanks to Willard Morgan (Ideal Glass)

Red Diamond

This is a short film dedicated to melancholic nostalgia of expressionist german horror from turn of the 20th century.

Ideal Glass Productions

Film By Uta Levan
Design/Directing by Uta Bekaia
Camera/Photography by Levan Mindiahsvili
Words by Michael McQuary
Sound by John Sully
Produced by Willard Morgan
Featuring: Michael McQuary, Jessie Stead
Ideal Glass 2012


Video by UTA LEVAN

Directed and edited by Uta Bekaia
Music by John Sully
Produced by Willard Morgan (Ideal Glass)
Featuring Willard Morgan, John Sully, Jessie Stead
Production Design by Levan Mindiahsvili, Darlene Ken
Camera by Levan Mindiahsvili, Divya Gadangi
Make up by Elexa Cangelosi

Ideal Costume

Video portfolio of Ideal Glass costumes by UTA LEVAN
costumes and styling available @ Ideal Glass
please contact
Models: George Parkaia, Thea Tesh
Camera: Levan Mindiashvili
Sound: John Sully
Produced by: Willard Morgan/Ideal Glass
Video, costumes & styling by: Uta Bekaia